It’s All About the V

February 13, 2010

It’s about time, right? Unfortunately, I only have about ten minutes to write.

I just diagnosed myself (with Matthew’s help, of course) with seasonal depression… except mine only comes in the nasty four weeks of February. For the past three years now, February has been the worst four weeks of the year. I don’t know why, but nothing goes well and I just hate everything. I become really antisocial and don’t like to go out or meet anyone new. Winter’s just too long.

Also, I’ve been very busy lately with catching up on work… I have a 11 day weekend (two more days left :() because of the MASSIVE storms that hit this city… that’s longer than my spring break, jesus christo.

Nothing’s been really going on. Just little things that annoy me. I’m also very irritable this month, I guess. Yikes, month long PMS. I’ve started doing yoga about a week and a half ago and I’m trying to go around 4 times a week. An hour and a half of yoga in a 95 degree room. I want to die every time I go. It really hurts me. I want to cry and break down when I do it. Why do I go? I don’t know anymore, but I already paid for the whole month, so I have to go. I hate when I trick myself into doing these things. However, I really like it. I never make sense. I know.

So there is this guy that talked to me at yoga the other day. It really annoyed me. Now he won’t stop calling me because, turns out, he works there and got my number from the system. He’s actually calling me right at this instant. I think that is very creepy. I do not like.

I have to get ready for dinner. Later tonight, I’m going to a frat’s date night with a complete stranger. I don’t wanna. I just want to sleep. I’m like a big grumpy childish bear in February.

I know you guys wanted me to write something along the lines of my dream house/future stuff, and I will. Apologies for this horrible pathetic post. I just wanted to put something up because this thang has been inactive almost a month to the day.

A little tidbit about me: I have the LOWEST heat tolerance ever. Maybe that’s why I hate yoga. I also have trouble sweating a lot. During yoga, everyone is dripping puddles and all nastay while I’m just pleasantly damp.

Happy Valentine’s Day!Su


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