but not actually cuz I make it rain.

hahaha my favorite song evaaaaaa from last year. Wanted to share.

They ask me am I single and I tell them hell no.
They ask who im fuckin I say whoever wanna know… and I can fuck whoever I like.


On another note, Tra and I are going to a boys vs. girls type post so if you have any questions as to why girls are crazy or why guys are mentally challenged or anything of that sort, let us know! It’ll really help, actually.



Without Further Adieu

January 14, 2010

Much too delayed (another little questionnaire thing stolen from an interview):

In perspective, how important was the past year for you, in comparison to previous ones?

Possibly the most important so far. I finished high school with an amazing class, found friends for a lifetime, started college, did a keg stand (hahaha), etc etc.

You’re officially 18 now, how does that feel?

Weird. I don’t feel that old yet! I still feel little and very vulnerable. Maybe that’s what MA does to ya because I sure as hell felt extremely mature before my two years there. I miss being little.

How’s the blog going?

It’s hard to keep up with. I often want to post but I either have to do other work or I won’t have enough time. The next 4 months… meaning the entire next semester will be hectic and hard. Many, many applications, many hard classes, lots of volunteer work (hopefully) and a website to jumpstart. Yikes. SuTra is still my number one obvobv.

What was the best moment for you through out the year?

I have no clue.

Where have you traveled before? And what was the best place you came across, even if it was just an alley? What made it special?

Iceland, Greece, Crete, Italy, London, Dubai, Egypt, Bahamas, Caribbean, Jamaica, Mexico, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, China, California, Alaska, South Carolina, Florida, DC, VA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VT, MA. The best place hm… I’m going to say Iceland because I went dogsledding there. Can you imagine that? ME. WITH JACKED ARCTIC DOGS. THAT KEPT ATTACKING EACH OTHER AND SWERVING CLOSE TO MANY OF THE WIDE BLACK BOTTOMLESS CRACKS IN THE GLACIER. I was scared shitless, but I was wearing a jumpsuit… so it was funny.

Current favorite meal, or cuisine?

Cabbage and veggies! Always a big fan of veggies. I also really like thai and japanese. Wait, actually I love all food in general except for of course, CILANTRO!!! and BAGELS (unless they’re Gabi’s or blueberry :D)!! I love CHALLAH!! I’M SO HUNGRY.

Current favorite style?

I usually like the whole darker look which I guess you can call grungy, but not the kind where you look nastay and dirtayyyy. However, very recently, I’ve been hating the fact that all my clothes are so dark. Can this be the beginning of a wardrobe change? Exciting! If only I had money…

What item of clothing are you asking Santa for?

Hmm.. VERY late, but this Proenza Schouler or Mulberry bag and these boots. Too bad I didn’t ask for anything this Christmas.

Any quote, or revelation, you heard in the past year, that has stuck with you?

Do what makes your pulse race faster.

…. too bad I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. I’ll improvise.

So, I’ve gone through a week of new courses already. I like all my courses, except for one, but I’m scared shitless for this semester. I don’t have classes on Friday this  semester though and only one on Monday. So amazing, but my other days are absolute hell. I usually have things to write about when I’m NOT writing about it, then when I post on SuTra, nothing comes to mind. Frustrating. However, I forgot about a draft that I was working on many weeks ago over break. I was sitting at the airport waiting for a 30 minute flight that was delayed for over 3 hours. What I realized though was that  I only truly fall in love with my friends. What a random thought, I know. Boyfriends I always get over, but if one of my good friends were to suddenly leave my life, I’d be heartbroken for forever. So even though I have trouble keeping in touch with you guys at times, please forgive me, I’m still here.

I also came to realize that I left an entire life behind when I got to MA. There are many things that I used to do that .. I just don’t anymore.

1) I used to play the trumpet but truly wanted to play the trombone, I just got the names confused. However, being the way I am, I was too shy to speak up and make the change. I stuck with it for four whole years.

2) I also played violin, piano, bass, guitar. I really loved guitar, but the school had a weird system where the “smart” class had to play in the band and the others had to play guitar… so that’s how I became a tooting trumpeter. Piano. I’m asian.  Violin because I wanted to desperately play the scores from LOTR, but my teacher ended up being horrific, so I quit.

3) I used to be in math club, science league, and chess club. Math and Science League were the only clubs at my public hs, so I had to join in order to get into MA. Don’t judge. I was a really bad member. Chess club was in eighth grade and my friend and I went as a joke one day and got trapped. Damn.

4) I used to play basketball and was hardcore with tennis (I still play tennis but not as much at all).

5) I played squash at MA for a year.

6) I was goth in middle school.

7) I used to be the editor of my school newspaper.

8 ) I’ve written for some NJ newspaper.

9) I used to listen to death metal and grindcore.

10) I only lived in NJ for 3 years before going to MA. I grew up in Queens.

A little tidbit about me: I don’t talk to people in classes because I feel like that will make me lose focus. I’m talking to people in classes this semester. I am losing focus. Help!

On another note, Victoria’s Secret has come out with a new bikini– the topless bikini. What. the. hecks. No one would look good in that… except for her. Actually no. If it weren’t for her hair, it’d be weird to see her on the beach like that. Matthew, we need to go to the beach.


Zagga Zow

January 8, 2010

Wattup family,

Wyatt recently commented that he quoted one of our posts in conversation the other day. I can only imagine the suaveness and oozing sex appeal with which he seamlessly wove one of our idioms into his courting of some fine oriental tasty.

I decided to take this idea and expand on it a little, and thought, “why not arm our readers with an arsenal of one-liners that they can take out into the world?” After all it’d be nice if you guys got something from SuTra besides the fact that Su and I are emo little fags in our heads (and that you love us because you are too). So here are some of my favorite quotes from random people on random topics. I’ll try to cite my sources with youtube vids, so if you see a blue name, click on it.

“The three true branches of government are Military, Corporate, and Hollywood.” -Steven Hyde

“I’m not a nerd, I’m a jock that’s too cool for sports.” -Bart Simpson

“All my life I heard, ‘Go to school. Get and education. Go to college.’ What the fuck for? So I can get a job making $30,000 a year, to pay back my fucking student loan? Plus how the fuck am I gon buy Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and fly to Miami ten times a year doing that shit?” –Cam’ron

“Why would God make us all so different if he wanted all of us to be the same?” –Mary Cummings

“You mess with the big dog, You’re gonna get bitten.” –Raymond Christopher Wallace

“Remember, fat chicks are like scooters. They’re fun to ride until your friends see you on one.” -Sam Arras

(On a snowy night) “This snow is Saturday night Darwinism. And you, fancy ladies, are the Dodo.” –Minya Oh

” The four rules to success are as follows: Work hard, be honest, avoid vampires, and ladies, stay away from snakes.” -Angelique Smith

There you have it. I don’t wanna give too many at first, because I think Su may want to add some as well, but I hope at least one of these can help you out at some point. I personally believe the last one is loaded with the most wisdom.


PS: Check out what I got for Christmas, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


January 2, 2010

Please excuse our lateness, the good folks here at SuTra have been busy raging/snuggling and realized that we haven’t dropped an official New Years post. 2009 was amazing and horrible, and we predict 2010 to be just as sporadic, random, hilarious, traumatic, sexy and doomsday-esque. Thanks for rocking with us as long as you guys have, and look forward to more melodramatic ramblings of teenage angst and random lists of shit we like at any given second. We loves y’all. And congrats to the Class of 2010, it’s your year!!


(ps: the image is from a movie called 2010, a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. In it, the United States and the Soviets crash a spacecraft and make contact with aliens. Or something like that. I’d say it was pretty prophetic.)