November 17, 2009



November 17, 2009

All of those those things have been tantalizing me today because I didn’t have the chance to put food in my belly until 8 PM… and that’s why I just bought $20 worth of sweets at au bon pain just now. What is my problem? I don’t know, but I plan to give half of it away anyways. But as for now, I’m all satisfied with my little chocolate dipped cranberry almond macaroon :).

Today I woke up at 6:30 AM to register for classes. Brutal. All in all, I didn’t get the one class that I really wanted, and I got a shitty time for another class (7:00PM- 9:40PM). I have another class from 12PM- 5PM right before that… now that’s some bullshit. However, it was MUCH better than the last registration time where I only got one class I wanted because I was lazy and slept in.

Right now, I am seriously procrastinating and surprisingly enough, I am proud to say that this is one of the few times I have done this this entire school year. I think it’s just the last stretch before break and I just can’t do it. No, I just don’t want to do it. I’ve been working for way too long. I literally lock myself in my room or the library all week between classes and whatnot so I can do work, and thank god it’s paying off or I would’ve given up a long time ago… like I did at MA. Boy was that bad haha. I only have 2 more major assignments to go, so why are they not going?! AHHH. I just want home and the comfort of my stupid rock hard bed.

I did a make up lab today just so I can have all my commitments done by this weekend and head home early. I mean, I still will be missing four classes, but three of those four I rarely go to anyhow, so I’m in good standing. While I was cleaning up my lab station, I broke a few glass things :l.

What I’m dreading is having to do work during break. So far, I have a test, a final and a 6 page paper due the week I get back. Holy moles!! BOO. Matthew told me to just write what is happening in my life these days.. but things are pretty boring. I’m just waiting for something better to come along, really. What if it never comes? That’s sad. That sucks!

A little tidbit about me: I get really, really nervous when I have to open plastic shopping bags because I have such difficulty opening them, so I hold up the line and then I think people think I’m retarded because if I saw someone who took 5 minutes to open a plastic bag, I’d think he’s retarded. Moral of the story: I struggle with plastic bags everyday. and it sucks.

Apologies for the lack of visuals.


#27. Yup!


Photographic Memory

November 3, 2009

are you saying that we are sasquatch thangs matthew.

i like it.

So I was looking through some photobooth pictures and what I realized was that with every set of pictures, there’s a feeling or memory attached. I would like to share hehe:

Photo 138Mid September 2009: I got a boo boo on my nose the first couple of weeks here. It was embarrassing, but who cares. This reminds me of the weird awkwardness of the beginning of school… that is even more awkward now.

Photo 137September 4 2009: My yummy ice cream birthday cupcakes! My aunt and cousin and uncle came down for a visit that ONE day just to have lunch with me. How crazy. I loved it! I gave three of these away because I knew I would’ve felt guilty if I ate them all.

Photo 122August 2009: I’m sure you remember this hehe.

Photo 117Summer time 2009: Getting ready for festivities.

Photo 115Summer time 2009: Dying in the heat on Kiawah Island. Tanness and really warm water 😦 Come backkkkk!

Photo 113May 2009: End of school is nearing. That day was ESPECIALLY hot. I miss my old room with my old roomie 😦

Photo 112Sometime in the Spring semester 2009: Chillin in Ms. Wade’s class because I wasn’t on projects. Hell yeahhhh! hahah that lady is my god.

Photo 107Fall Semester 2008: Friends leaving a bunch of cute random pics on my photobooth// My room with my most dirty roomie 🙂

Photo 98Winter 2008 or 2009: Chatting with Briteber very late at night and being weird with my chinface. I remember I didn’t go to sleep that night and passed out that morning and didn’t go to class… oops.

Photo 81Dunno when: At home. Photo chatting with Scott, Dowton, and Addison. Mulan!

Photo 79Around Halloween 2008: Being attacked by Oscar in Cox.

Photo 76October 2008: Playing with David in Cox… the library was never for working.

Photo 73Hehe. (THIS IS NOT ME, just to clarify).

Photo 70Matthew hates this… hahaha but that used to be a Hathaway girl face.

Photo 69Fall 2008: Bothering Amanda in the Hway dining room. Was the cereal still out at this time? hmm.. bagels and eggs and shit certainly were.

Photo 47Fall 2008: “Working” in the dining room. I was going to get a tattoo of this… wonder what I would’ve thought of it now if I had. haha I still love it.

Photo 44Mm…

Photo 28Halloween 2008: I love these. Before Goodwin Open House.

Photo 2September 2008: The beginning of the end of one of the best years of my life.

These are just from photobooth and I don’t use it too often… just imagine how long this would’ve been if I had pulled out the real albums hahaha. I miss the high school still, yes. Sigh. Those memories will never die, but I have moved on. I’m not a Massimo anymore. I’d just like to acknowledge the fact that these memories were more than I could ever ask for, and even though I still remember how much hate there was senior year (towards the school itself, not the people), I would never do it over if I had the chance.

A little tidbit about me: I love cheesiness!!! Can’t you tell?

MyPictureOctober 2009: Blurred, uniform weekends. Su

Look What I Found..

November 2, 2009


I was walking through the WZBC Radio Station and saw this poster on the wall, I won’t claim to know what it means at all, but it has the best word ever on it so I figured it was worth sharing with you guys.

If you ever see something with the word “Sutra” on it, it would be cool if you snapped a picture and sent it to us! I doubt that will ever happen haha.