Guess What I Did?

October 30, 2009


I’m gonna be Michael Jordan this weekend, this was the first step.

(shouts to my roommate Ben in the background.)




My Partner

October 27, 2009

(written at 5am on the 26th)

I would like to dedicate this post to my lovely partner, Matthew. Let me just say that I’ve been sitting on my bed for the past 13 hours or so, trying to start my work. This hasn’t happened to me since boarding school days. However, Matthew came online and started talking to me and I magically started to work. I am now proud to say I have finished one assignment… but still have to start studying for my stat midterm, yikes. So, thank you Matthew for being my little taser that busted through my door. Hehe.

My dear Matthew and I haven’t even been friends for a year (although we’ve been around each other for 2 years now), but it feels like it’s been quite a while. The first time you ever meet Matthew, you automatically know that he has been a badass ever since he was born. n1237920352_30358010_3657I remember the first time I met him. Well no, not exactly, but I remember that he had such strong personality that I was kind of intimidated. He’s one of those people that you meet who are confident, passionate, and opinionated (in a good way) and you just can’t help but admire them. So of course, I automatically shut up during our first few encounters because I was afraid he would spring some crazy overwhelming question about some topic I knew nothing about such as politics or the news or hip hop or books or men’s clothing, etc. Man, every time he spoke, it was memorable whether it was his stand-up act at beatnick or all his contributions during senior transitions/ daily conversation or his unbelievable valedictorian speech. I admit it, I was scared.n1237920352_30351640_4586

but then I saw this picture.

but not really (I only discovered this fantastic picture this past summer). A magical thing happened and my baby Emsta and Matthew became really good friends and so he was around me a lot more. Still, I felt awkward cuz I’m retarded. I don’t exactly know when we just became comfortable with each other, but I feel as though it just happened overnight and I loved it!

Unfortunately, by that point, our high school careers were about to end and I honestly thought that our new friendship was just going to be short-lived. I was wrong, thank the lord! I don’t like to think that Sutra has brought us closer together, but I guess it did. I loved all the adventures we had during the summer and just documenting our lives together. Hehe, now you are forever linked to me Matthew (not creepy).

Even with all this time we’ve spent together, I find it appalling that we only have two pictures of just us together… one of them being this lovely candid:4832_1126556524272_1237920140_30487965_7816028_n

I am so lucky to have found such a good friend. I don’t know how but he deals with my crazy rants about random shit and all my.. weird stuff. I don’t even know how to explain. I remember, though, that he said that I am “the weirdest person ever.” Sucks, dude.

Also, please take note of the differences in our posts. I can’t even write anything remotely close in quality to Matthew’s posts. Jesus Christ, I fell in love with his previous post because that’s exactly how I feel now about my family, except I just don’t have Matthew’s eloquence or potency. I would’ve said something along the lines of… “Family was a weird thing that just came about at the end of summer and now I always have urges to go home. Weird!”

I can literally go on and on about Matthew Trammell… and I should but I am sick and about to pass out on this computer. 😦 All you need to know is that he’s such an amazing person and friend… even when he yells at me for being retarded. I actually really appreciate those times, though. I luhhhv you Matthang.

Here’s the other picture we have together…8724_1193177269749_1237920352_30651140_6055690_nuhh… Su

…Family Business.” -Kanye West (Pre TaylorSwift-Gate)

This weekend I spontaneously went home. I had semi sorta kinda planned to, but made the final decision to this past Thursday when I secured my spot on the classic, almost cliche Fung Wah Bus. Many different factors brought me back: the fact that I didn’t go home over the long weekend that every one else did a couple weeks ago, that my workload was kind of light (not really), that one of my biffles/one of our loyal readers was leaving Hicksville, USA and visiting Columbia, and most pressing, that I missed the shit out of my family.

It turned out to be the best weekend I could possibly come home. My brother happened to be here with my niece when I got home, who is actually old enough (6 years old) to remember me now and was ecstatic to see me when I walked in. I got to go see my cousins, including my older cousin (mom’s side) and his not-so-newborn son (4 y.o) who I hadn’t seen since he was small enough to be carried around the house like a sack of potatoes (which his father did with little regard for his well-being). And finally, tonight I partied with my Auntie and other cousins (dad’s side) in honor of my cousin’s marriage (yesterday!), and even got to say a little something before the newlywed couple cut the cake. (I hope you guys could keep up with that, I have a big family that seems to just be getting bigger every year, there are 2 more swollen tummies walking around as I type this).

This year I’ve gained a newfound value in my family. As I’ve mentioned before on SuTra, going away at such a young age was kind of like starting a marathon without realizing I was running, and now I’m opening my eyes and seeing that I’m sprinting away from shit I didn’t really think I could ever lose. So I made it a point to take the train all the way to the Bronx today to sit in my cousin’s apartment and listen to music and play Madden and 2k10, shit that I could have very well did in Brooklyn/shit that I do every day at school, just so that I could see him and hear his voice (no homo), and think about all the things he’s taught me, and all the silly inexplicable stuff we all used to do when we were younger. I made an effort to get to see the next generation in my family, to look at my baby cousin and my niece and try to remember what I was like at their age, and imagine them years from now remembering me visiting and playing with them the way I vaguely remember distant older relatives coming to visit me and expecting my affection instantly even though I had no idea who they were.

Before I left the apartment I looked at my cousin’s son (the 4 y.o) and said “I’m leaving now, but don’t forget me. Promise. I go to school very far away so you won’t see me for a while, but I will be back. Don’t forget me, okay?” And he looked up at me quietly, nodding his head and focusing on my face as if he were truly in his little mind trying to get a distinct imprint of what I looked like and who I was. Somehow he knew that I was someone he should remember (I actually just recounted this experience to my mother on the phone and started crying haha, what a faggot I am).

My (other) cousin’s wedding reception was amazing, and really showed me the power of family. I had never been to a wedding or wedding reception or anything like that before, and so when people spoke of families joining together it was the first time the idea became a tangible experience and, now, a memory for me. I looked around at a living room full of Irvings and Browns and Jeans and (newly added) Mons, all together because somewhere along the line two people decided that they loved each other enough to become family and mash all their relatives together. The love that brought them together was literally the anchor that held a room full of former strangers’ hearts together in unison. We all loved each other because we all knew how much our bride and groom loved each other. When asked to speak during the toast, I said how blessed I felt to be able to see another layer of my family come into existence.

Family has, I now realize, become my therapy. I feel more cleansed and at peace than I have felt in a long time having gotten to see everyone this weekend, and for the first time in recent memory I sincerely feel like I know, or remember, exactly who and what I am. I see what led me to adolescence, what led me to college, and what will lead me to my future, this incredible base of people and experience and locations that I have floating around inside me constantly. This weekend they all got dusted off, and I needed it more than I realized I did. Everyone always says that I have changed, that I look so much older, but everyone else always looks exactly how I remember them. It’s almost like the dreaded “Milton” bubble, but in the most spectacular of opposite ways. I always can trust that no matter what, my family bubble will always be the same, will hold the same voices and walls and foods and laughs and accents and jokes and smells that it did when I was too young to even register them all. I can escape to my family from the real world, and they’ll always be there to provide shelter. It’s something that I’ve taken for granted, and I’m so thankful that this weekend showed me I can’t afford to take it all for granted anymore.

PHEW, that was heavy. Here’s something funny.




October 20, 2009

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 1) Being with my best friends on a day where there’s no tomorrow to worry about and the biggest dilemma we have is choosing the type of food to eat or which movie to watch. 2) Being with my family during the holidays, on the verge of puking from the horrendous amount of food consumed, but we are all nevertheless perfectly content, warm and happy.

What is your greatest fear? I fear that one day I will get to some point where I discover that I’m not good enough and ultimately disappoint my family.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? As of right now, my lack of aggression and my aimless ambition.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Stupidity driven by laziness & selfishness.

What is your greatest extravagance? Clothes & Dinners.

What is your current state of mind? Overwhelmingly sleepy with a hint of stress.

On what occasion do you lie? When I need to save my own ass or when the truth will further complicate the current situation, but never to my loves.

What do you dislike most about your appearance? My knees? My arms? My knees and my arms?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Damn, I’d be in love with a lot of people right now if that were true.

Do you believe in soul mates? No, but I believe that someone can become your soul mate.

Which living person do you most despise? I don’t really ever hate people… except for Krazy… hahahaha.

What is the quality you most like in a man? Wit & humor & faithfulness & height.

What is the quality you most like in a woman? Confidence.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? What the hecks!!

Which talent would you most like to have? Singing or maybe even dancing

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Getting to where I am today, I guess.

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? I would definitely come back as an overly pampered kitten and just chill all day, everyday, sippin’ on my lactaid.

Where would you like to live? New York City & perhaps Crete or Austrailia or maybe California.

What is your most treasured possession? My future.

What do you most value in your friends? Their comfort and their support.

Who are your favorite writers? Chuck Palahniuk & Kurt Vonnegut.

Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Legolas Greenleaf… mmm.

What is it that you most dislike? Disrespect & uncontrollable jealousy & complainers & people who cannot do things for themselves & CILANTRO!! yuck.

What is your motto? If it will not matter in your future, why waste time and worry about it now?


…Wasted! – Gucci Mane*

Tra here. I don’t know how we haven’t touched on this topic yet, but one of the most key factors in the college experience is raging. And seeing as how I’ve been here for a whopping 47 days (damn it’s really been that long), I think I’m pretty qualified to say what is crucial to college and what is negligible (like sleep).

I think our obsession with partying comes from this disbelief that this part of our lives has actually come. I find myself waiting for the weekend to come around solely to further strain my body’s minuscule supply of energy chasing bashes and dancing until the AM, just to prove to myself that I’m actually in college (as if the 100 page reading assignments and rampant Cs aren’t proof enough). With the Billboard Top 10 providing the narrative soundtrack (see: “Shots”, “I Got A Feelin”, hell, even “Party In the USA”), I gyrate, skip and sway till the wee hours of the morning, occasionally throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups, and leave sweaty, drink stained, and extremely vailidated.

I’ve recently DJ’d a few parties, which allows/requires one to be as much of a fly on the wall as possible in the midst of mass chaos. The DJ pretty much must be invisible, and at the same time lead the emotions and experiences of a room, hall, or house full of people. And a huge amount of that ability comes from silently observing what’s going on in the crowd, whether people are singing or dancing or grinding or arguing or crying or what. One particularly satisfying outcome of DJing is that I now see how hilarious parties look from the fly’s vantage point.

Imagine having a stationary camera set on a party for about 2.5-3 hours. Basically a feature length movie of dozens of girls dancing in girl circles, guys awkwardly creeping up behind them and getting rejected, that one friend thats way too wasted in the corner getting support from her biffles, that guy trying to subtly smell his pits to see if he’s the source of the funky odor he’s whiffing (even though he’d rather it be him than the girl he’s dancing with), the crew of freshman dudes at the door that are not getting in, the crew of freshman skeezers that are getting in right past them, the douchebag that’s wearing shades and has a completely skewed depth perception, and the one poor soul who wore heels and has no idea what she’s doing in them. Yeah, pretty hilarious sight.

But the only thing that matters is, each one of those people feels absolutely like the shit in that moment. They know that they are the sickest, dopest, most important person on earth (except maybe the freshman guys). And in an atmosphere like these highly competitive, high pressure, if-you-don’t-get-an-A-you-suck-at-existence universities, where so much of our time is spent trying our hardest just to feel like we are good enough, I guess it is worth the sore muscles, awkward textsfromlastnight (or voicemails, FL 😀 ), and horrid hangovers to feel like we’re the shit.

So go get shitty!


*PS, I start every post with a youtube link to a song that ideally should be played while reading, so yeah, click ’em.

So we both realized that this thang was dead and were encouraged by our most loyal reader’s (Wyatt’s) little comment on the previous post. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that our college lives right now are pretty good– a few negatives here or there, but overall pretty decent with many highlights. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things at the MOMENT. We didn’t label whose item each item belongs to, but we’re sure it’ll be pretty apparent. [Su]


1) Kids/ Pokerface mashup/cover by Weezer

Just listen to it all. “2008, I mean.. 2009” haha.

2) Body Language by Jesse Mccartney

Now I know what you’re thinking… WOWW Jesseeee, but no, shut it. I know his lyrics are terrible and all that, but I think his songs are catchy and they make me smile… which is creepy I admit. Favorite line- “That thing you got behind you is amazing.” The youtube vid I included has T-pain in it, weird! First time I heard that version.

3) Ready for the Floor by Hot Chip This guy is weird. Loves it.

4) 1973- James Blunt

Okay, I know what you’re thinking AGAIN. I was having dinner with Wilson this weekend and I heard this song and I thought, “I LOVE IT”, but I also thought it was a girl. I was kind of turned off when I found out it was Mr. Blunty, but I shouldn’t not like a song because of the artist, so I like.

5) Your Love by The Outfield

Who doesn’t love a classic?

6) Lol – Trey Songz ft Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy

 This is an anthem for anyone who’s ever sent a text message to a potential jumpoff, or flirted on aim by dropping a winking emoticon or adding an extra “y” or two to “hey” (“heyy” is flirty, “heyyy” is forward, “heyyyy” is slutty, ladies.) Trey Songz’s verse is flawless and this song will instantly be stuck in your head all week.

7) Party & Bullshit in the USA – The Notorious B.I.G

 The mash-up has produced some musical magic and monstrosities. At its best, it takes two songs and makes them much better together, and at its worst its an annoying sandwich of noise. This song is definately the former. Playing off of the common themes of partying between Biggie’s “Party and Bullshit” and Miley Cyrus’s “Party In the USA”, this mash-up track lifts Biggie’s verses and drops them over the guitars and breakbeats of Hannah Montana’s breakout hit. The result is definately a win.

8 ) MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know  – KRS One

This is an oldie but a goodie, a smooth DJ Premier-produced banger. I literally walk around campus with this on repeat in my headphones all day.. Pause of the song: “Cuz they know this kid get’s all up in the rectum!”

Our Choice

Dolla by Ke$ha What more can I say… Matthew and I live by this song… uh hahahaha.


1) Paranormal Activity

This is one of the best horror movies ever made. What’s kinda frustrating is that I had the idea to make this exact kind of movie for my senior project, but didn’t/couldn’t. But I’m glad it exists, cuz it scared the bejesus out of me. A couple decides to buy a camera to film the crazy ish going on throughout their house, and this is the footage they gathered before.. the end happened. Definately catch this one during the day, you don’t wanna go to sleep with it fresh in your mind.

2) Titanic

1997_titanic_wallpaper_004Speaking of classics, remember that bigass ship that sunk? I watched Titanic the other day. It’s one of my favorites of all time. Where will you ever find love like that this day in age???? Let me know. I also JUST realized that she dies in the end and reunites with Jack, which makes the movie TEN times better. I remember watching it when I was a TINY kid with my father. Sex scene—AWKWARD. We watched it twice in a row in the theatre. Wow, Titanic used to play in theatres. It’s been 12 years.

3) Toy Story/Toy Story 2 Double Feature

This is really just an excuse for me to talk about my immeassurable excitement for Toy Story 3, which comes out Summer 2010, but this rerelesae/double feature definately stands on its own as an amazing move by Disney to bring my childhood back to the forefront. I had more Toy Story merchandise then I knew what to do with, and probably watched these two films a combined total of 17,000 times. So much so that I noticed that the TS3 trailer when Buzz says “This is no time for histerics” and Pig responds “This is the perfect time for histerics!” runs parallel to the first film where Buzz says “This is no time to panic” and Woody says “This is the perfect time to panic!”, which was in that trailer. Yeah I know I’m pathetic. Sigh.

4) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

This comes out this weekend. It looks AMAZING to me. I really hope it surpasses my expectations. Where the wild things are also come out this weekend, but it’s already so hyped up so it only gets a honorable mention on this list.

Our Choice

Funny People Matthew and I have tried to watch this multiple times together. One of our main playdates this summer involved going to watch this movie, but it started raining… so Matt came to assist me during my painful haircut. Then we had bubble tea and tea eggs and stuff. 🙂


1) Blueno+chJeans jacket

Picture-21This weekend, Wilson and I went shopping because he needed shorts… Little did he know that stores sell clothes by season and that it is not summer anymore. However, I got this jacket, but instead of gray and white, I got it in all black and it’s the best (although I realize I’ve been wearing a lot of dark colors). I never had a light WARM jacket that I can just throw on with anything. I love it. It’s fitting and its long and fuzzy and all that good shit. The collar is the best. It’s like a sheep! A perfect staple.

2) Joie boots

A lot of my shoes hurt me, but these are so comfortable. These are a mix between riding and combat boots, I guess but they aren’t goth as the term combat boots might imply. They match with pretty much everything. I’m just in love.

3) Dark Teal Love Quotes scarf I don’t have this. I want this.

4) Nike SB 2009 Fall/Winter Line

When did Nike SB become a full out streetwear line? I don’t know, but I’m not mad at this drop at all. The 5 panal, while a clear bite off of Supreme, is still pretty tough, and the tees are all solid, especially the “Support Your Local” joint, definately gonna head to True East to pick it up.

5) Nike Air Jordan XI – “Space Jams”

What more needs to be said about these: beauty. A homage to the instantly classic film, these are the kicks that Mike wore when he suited up to take on the MonStars for the sanctity of the Looney Tunes universe. I wish they had an extra stretched out Jumpman on them, an allusion to Mike’s game winning dunk, but hey, I’ll settle.

Our Choice

Vnecks We both rock this.



Possibly the most hilarious website on the internet, is the blog of a genius who goes by Ned’s Younger Brother that chronicles all the things Bro’s like, including Heckling, Chanting, Beer Pong, Loving America,  Breaking Shit, and my personal favorite, Making Girls Cry. Check it out for a good life and see where u measure up in the spectrum between Bro-Hater and Bro-King.

2) Winterbells & Frozen Bubble

071507_1530_FrozenBubbl1_1game_winterbellsNow I’m not a very big website person. I usually go online to speak to friends and videochat, surf some cool fashion and photography blogs, online window-shop and check my email. But I used to play these two fantastic games. Winterbells is the cutest unisex game ever with the best music ever. I have my own song that I sing for this game for some reason. I’m sick at it. Frozen Bubble is the best version of this classic game. Who doesn’t like a retard penguin helping you out?? I am also sick at this game.


I love this blog, and I love Miss Info, the best voice on New York City radio. I met her this summer, and my life is complete. No one is more honest about the fuckery that celebrities (especially in Hip Hop and R&B celebrities) get themselves in to.

Our Choice

SuTra Obv. The best collaborative work that MA has ever seen.


1) Lavendar

Such a pretty color especially with dark colors. I just got a lavendar cardigan hehe! The smell is also fantastic.

2) Going out to Dinner

I love taking time to go out with friends or family and just catching up and talking about anything and everything. I like going out with old friends more than with people I JUST met because it’s more comfortable, but I do like getting to know new people as well. I also just love food.

3) Gossip Girl

00026330It’s back and I still love it. Also I love how my floor gathers to watch it on Monday nights—males included.

4) Making breakfast with friends on a day when you have all the time in the world

I love cooking and you’re allowed to eat a lot for the first meal of the day and it’s like going out to dinner but with effort.

5) Crepes

The French fries of France. Yumsta.

6) Cupcakes

Cupcake-Faces-cupcakes-396299_1024_768After all this time, they’re still my favorite. So cute!

7) Lemon Bars

fc49ch053-01_ld YUM.

8 ) To do list and Future plans

I love writing things down so I don’t forget. I love planning big things, leaving the smaller details and events up to spontaneity. I have a million stickies on my table right in front of me so I know what I need to do everyday and I have plans to go to NY this weekend.

9) The upcoming holiday season

I love it. Everything about it is fantastic. It’s so warm and loving and it’s going to be especially great this year because I get to spend the holidays not only with my family, but also with Bora :).

10) Everybody Hates Chris

Probably because the mother on this show literally is my mother. I find myself watching this show more and more regularly after classes right before my afternoon nap. Chris Rock is pretty funny as the narrator, and the kid is hilarious.

Our Choice

NYC & BuffChickCals

Things that Suck

1) Homeless people and drunk college kids and loud traffic/trucks outside my window when I’m trying to sleep at night.

2) Infomails

I get all these emails about crimes that occur on my campus. This week there have been 2 robberies, an assault where a random guy struck a student on the head with a hammer in the bathroom of a building where I have class in, and a guy who went around a freshman building touching sleeping girls. What’s the deal, man.

3) Studying with people who are not intelligent, but you don’t know it at first because it’s not nice to assume people are not intelligent off the bat

I thought this way was a good way to make friends in my class. All it does is frustrate me and make me hate the other person.

4) Cilantro and licorice

I just CANNOT stand these foods. They literally make me gag. (Su)

5) Kaz

My RA Kaz SUCKS. He is the biggest loser on the planet.. He wrote me up for a “noise” violation and tried to make his dorm events mandatory, such exciting things as “Snap Poetry” and “American Tapestry Through Native Eyes”. Yeah, I don’t know what any of that stuff is either, cuz I didn’t go. Oh, and did I mention he lives directly across the hall from me? His door is literally about 4.5 feet from mine. Sigh. (This is the part in the movie where Kaz finds this blog and reports me to the administration for slander on the internet.)

Our Choice

Vacuums & Hoes

Vacuums are everybody’s friend and keeps our floors clean, not crunchy and as for hoes, we both think they suck… but in very different ways.


Smooth Consistency

October 2, 2009

and I don’t like it one bit. I should be thankful that things are just mad chill right now and very routine, but I’m not. There’s no excitement in my little life in the single, boo.

My best Emily face:

MyPictureI know it sucks. I got a haircut and dyed my hair!

umm life’s simple. I do work, I sleep, I should start working out again haha, I go to NY every few weeks, and I just chill on the weekends. I realized however, that all the friends I have made are dudes… hmmm. How do you befriend girls??? I don’t know!!! Yikes. I should probably work on that.

A few of my favorite things right now:

lily-donaldson-in-the-last-magazine-by-maciek-kobielski-250909-1This picture of Lily Donaldson. I guess that’s all for now. Oh, and the alexander wang Spring 2010 collection and his models.

It’s Thursday night. Many people do not have class tomorrow and are living it up. I have morning class. So I’m sitting in my room, refusing to start my work and contemplating sleeping RIGHT NOW.. at 9:12 pm. FML.

A little tidbit about me: uhhh… I like to walk… haha lame… hmm I like to go to get coffee/tea/food really really late at night (after midnight) with a friend (because I’m afraid of the dark and all the creepy homeless people that yell weird things outside my dorm every single night) during warm Summer nights or chilly Fall ones. Oh, and the one thing I love about NJ– 24/7 diners.

I went to the White House today. It sucks.

I’m gonna call out my bloggingpartner, Matthew, on totally forgetting about this project of ours.MyPicturePeace out, Su.