A Lot of Littles

September 21, 2009

Hi babies,

I’m very very sorry but I’ve just been very busy. I would loveloveloveee to show you a video right now of my room, but it’s sooooo messy, it’s ridic. So I have been busy with just little things to do, you know? … like go buy some groceries, do a little hw, do some other application shit, go clean my room, laundry, go buy hummus!! All this annoying shit. damn. haha So I’m sorry!!!

I’m not busy tomorrow night, so I’ll hopefully get cleaned and all and get on this shit. All in all though, life’s pretty good but I think I’m getting sick. Ugh.

A little tidbit about me: I often forget to put on perfume, so I don’t have that “signature” smell that everyone has, ya know? Oh, and even though I don’t follow sports, I LOVEEEEEELOVE to watch games.

Photo 142My  room smells like honeysuckles. 🙂 Su



September 12, 2009

There’s also another thang on the floor, but we’re just friends and I 
don’t know how to make it work. I don’t get how I make boys that 
I don’t like like me. It’s a curse.

Sorry, that was a false statement.

Long Time No See

September 12, 2009

Hi. I’ve always thought that “long time no see” was a weird saying. I thought it was just my parents’ weird asian english speaking ways, but I guess not.

How’s college? Hm. Questionable. DC just isn’t for me. Class is easy. I’m very on top of things for once, so it’s beautiful. No interest in boys. I don’t know. It’s just very bland, but a good bland. Very chill, very independent. It’s what I make of it, I guess. I haven’t found any people that I love or anything yet and I freaking am disgusted by a lot of people haha but that’s me! I’m picky as hell and so judgemental, but only from afar. Though there are actually a few people I can see myself loving. We’ll see how it goes, we’ll see.

Last night was a very nice chill night. A bunch of my floormates got together and just hung out and got a little fucked. However, I had to leave in the middle of it because my friend and I had planned to go out for dinner. Now, a question for you males. Does going out to dinner with a girl mean it’s a date? If so, I’m fucked. I’m not interested. It’s not even him because we get along well and everything. It’s just that I’m no way interested in anyone right now. I’m very interested in adjusting and settling myself, but nothing more. So I’m going to have a be a bitch to him. I hate it.

So for labor day weekend, I went up to Columbia to visit my babies Bora, Gabi, and Sammi. It was heaven. I loved seeing them so much AHHHH. I can’t handle it. I’m also sooooo happy for Bora and Sammi because they’ve found some very solid, very nice, fun friends. Genuinely good people. Somehow, they’re all so cute too. What the hecks.

Like some clap on lights in this bitch, I’m gonna be clappin all night in this bitch. <- that’s my favorite thing ever… next to aka Mr. make it rain on them hoes. heh.

Also, a few people have swine flu in my hall right now. SWINE FLU IN MY HALL. mothafucks. I ain’t getting no pig disease.

So two of my favorite things right now:

MyPicture-1Pretzels&Continuously Filled SmartWater Bottle of BritaFilteredWater

Essential to my college life and experience. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I call pretty much everything I like “my favorite thing ever”. Hahaha, I just noticed that.

Oh, and I lied about the no interest in boys thang. There’s SEXY down the hall from me, but I’m never going to put effort into that. There’s also another thang on the floor, but we’re just friends and I don’t know how to make it work. I don’t get how I make boys that I don’t like like me. It’s a curse.

I met a club promoter on my floor today, so I can get into clubs without waiting now, which is sick, but the clubs I’ve gone to sucked so far, so hopefully tonight’s will be fun. If not, I’ll go chill with floor babies.

My momma sent me a tiny crappy vid cam, so I’ll try to make a dorm room tour next time I post.

A little tidbit about me: My biggest pet peeve thang is people who are disrespectful in any way.

Apologies for awk midget arm and shit. Peace,

“My College Career…

September 10, 2009

…got downed by a couple of beers” – Common

Wattup guys, its Tra. I’m sorry it’s been ages. And none of you probably are checking this anymore by now, but it’s a bloggers job to blog so here I go. I miss all of you… All 7 of you. I won’t go into detail just yet about how college has been, but in a few words it’s been more boring than I expected, semi strict, huge, and easy as holy hell. Oh and football games may be the most fun thing on the planet Earth. I’ve been feeling really out of place out here, as the school is so large and I’ve been a bit of a social hermit, spending time with friends I knew beforehand instead of making new ones. But I have a good group of people around me so I can’t complain.


Raekwon’s new album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, is SO good, but only if you really really like 90s gutter hip-hop. I wouldn’t recommend it to a casual listener, but it was the #1 album on iTunes the day it dropped so I guess the masses have shown that good authentic music wins overall. Jay-Z’s new album gets a 7/10 in my book (or on my blog).

I have recently acquired a cold, and it sucks. I wake up every morning groggy and tired, and my throat and head constantly hurt. Always wear your scarves kiddoes, this cold weather will creep up on you.

Finally, congrats to all my Milton babies that are starting their senior year (including Marilyn who I think is our only 2010 reader)! I can’t say that I’m truly jealous of you guys, but you are gearing up for one of the best years of your life, have a ton of fun, keep your friends close, and don’t let that place suck your soul out of your asshole, lord knows they try to.

Dat is all.