All Ready, Already.

August 29, 2009

…. I’m having one of those moments right now where ready doesn’t seem like a word… I’m reading it “reedy”. Must be the late hours starting to kick in. So I’m all ready, finally. I guess my wait-til-last-minute-ways have not changed. Ow, my legit brain is hurting right now. I leave in 2 hours, wow.

Sorry I couldn’t find a more convenient way of showing this song, but this is my favorite and I used to hate sharing my favorite music with people, but what’s the point in that?

Go to this site and press play and continue reading.

Well, I finished my cutouts for my new collage I make for every room and printed out 75 pictures to go along with it. Decorating is going to be a big hassle as it always is and my momma is going to be dead tired tomorrow and I’m already sorry for that. The car is packed tight beyond belief and I barely fit everything in there, seriously. I have to sit on a bag of clothes tomorrow because it didn’t fit in my other four large-sized luggages of clothes and rest my legs on yet another box of clothes. My dad won’t be able to see a peep of light through the back. Dangerous? I think so, but we’ve done it before. The risks I put my family through for my beautifully sewn together pieces of cloth. When will I ever learn?! I looked through my mother’s closet yesterday and boy, I never thought an asian would have cute vintage stuff! All I took was a blazer though (I didn’t actually TAKE it, she let me have it). I also found this when I was speed-packing today:

Photo 144

Wthecks? Haha. I basically got it for free at a thrift store I used to volunteer at, but I love it.

We all have so much stuff that we don’t even know we have because we have so much stuff! Make sense? YAH. I also finally pinpointed the reason I get stressed most of the time. I need everything to be done at once and if there is a lot of stuff to do- little and big- then I freak out. I always write all these notes on my phone. Lists and lists of what I need to do and I always erase them once I’m done because once they’re erased from my phone, no more worries! I’m also worried that people will see it and be like wthecks. When I’m writing my notes, I block out everything and everyone around me and literally go deaf for however long it takes and I get so stressed sometimes that I just completely forget what I need to write in the note and then I am completely helpless. For an example, I was at the grocery store yesterday with my lil sis searching for sloppy joe sauce, but I was so flustered because 1) I was trying to find the damn sauce but there were so many cans and I had to constantly remind myself what I was looking for 2) she was asking me over and over again what meat to get but I just could not register her voice 3) I was trying to quickly write notes but I only got two out of the three things I needed to write. The last thing was “Check on _____” CHECK ON WHAT??? I didn’t know. I couldn’t remember. After my sis finally got through to me, she told me I was standing in the middle of the aisle, motionless and  unresponsive, staring at the floor. What a freak, man. When I forget notes, I always have this really bad feeling, like I’m in a bad mood, and I never know why until I remember, until I write it down. I also freak out when there is too much going on when I’m driving. If you talk to me, sometimes I MUST turn off the music. I can’t even lower it, it must be off. Matthew knows. 🙂 Maybe, I just really REALLY can’t multitask.

If any of you can tell me a complete meaning of Dreamworld (the song) that makes complete sense, then I’ll give you a cookie. I think I have a pretty good grip on it, but I can’t figure out this exactly:

It is the light on science fiction reads just like a
shoddy disease zero one three times the size of the people that came before me and you and what we’d do for money this greed and jealousy turn to need.

Forgive me for my gayness. Actually, forgive me for my awful usage of words such as gayness. I never mean to offend anyone by saying stuff like gayness and retardedness and faggotry and all that jazz, really. So sorry if I ever offended any of you, it’s how I speak and I should fix it, yes. But what I meant by “gayness” was “sappiness” and “cheesiness.” The vid is creepy so just listen. I live in a Disney infested house and a Disney obsessed family, so I’m overexposed to this type of music, but I admit I do like some of it. So, here’s a big one. You’ve probably already all heard it, but Matthew told me to put a “cheesy” song on here. Even though I changed my mind, I’ll put it on anyways, because it has a great positive message. Next time I’ll be posting, I’ll be in college, wow. I also apologize if I don’t make any sense when I write at 5 in the morning.

A little tidbit about me: When I was little, my aunt was ridiculous and used to yell at me for saying the word “man” because she said it was a bad word. Now she says man all the time.

Also, a little piece of advice: Frozen chocolate organic milk (the kind that comes in the juice box) is the best treat in the world.

I have to wake up in 1 hour. heh.

Wish me luck babies, Su.


Fortunate Cookie

August 27, 2009


I got this as my fortune the other day:


Hm, seems to be backwards… hahaha well it reads “You do not pay the price of success, you enjoy the price of success.” Yowza. I’m afraid it’s all too true. It’s time for me work hard towards giving back all that has been given to me. Funny how a little paper in a cookie can really make you think, huh?

So I’ve been watching True Blood lately, and trust me, I usually hate all that vampire twilighty crap, but this show is addictive. Sexy southern people that bang 24/7, mysterious murders, and interspecies-ial love every episode. What more can you ask for? I don’t really know if it’s a quality show or not, but it’s one of those shows that once the story begins, you must know how it ends. Ya heard?

If you ever wondered what happened to my Miu Mius. I tried selling them and after several weird emails from strangers who wanted to “take our relationship to the next level”, no bites on Ebay, and one offer from a prospective sugar daddy, I called it quits. I’m secretly extremely happy to be keeping them and even more so because my sister said I no longer look like a giant freak, and she was only mistaken the other time. 🙂

What have I been doing these days? Well, I’ve been bored packing and I didn’t want to watch True Blood all day everyday, so I thought ahead and bought all the necessary clothing items in the world for the next couple of seasons. Yes, it took me a few days to find all that I needed, but I’m an expert online shopper. Boarding school has trained me well. Unfortunately, I gave up a pair of over-the-knees for a pair of original Mukluks, but it’s very worth it. Maybe I’ll buy myself a pair of over-the-knees later… but that’s probably not a great idea considering my dipping bank balance. HOWEVER, I applied for a job today. One application is probably not going to cut it, but I’m going to leave serious job hunting for after I get settled in. So along with Muks, I bought my winter jacket already (I don’t have any warm winter coats because look> comfort, but this one is actually warm!), a leather jacket for the fall, a much delayed pair of hunters, a little pink umbrella (I somehow LOST my most precious Burberry one ever (it was a gift, I don’t actually go to Burberry to buy my umbrellas)… which is not possible because I literally watched it like a hawk at M. Perhaps someone borrowed it without asking because I never let anyone use it. hmph.), and a theory dress perfect for an interview. So as you see, I’m set for all weather conditions for at least the next 2 seasons, unless there’s some unexpected monsoon. Knock on wood. Finally, a warm winter!! I’m excited. 🙂

I saw my babies Bora and Emily in the city other day with the dearest Matthew. I don’t know why but I never like writing about exactly what we did and stuff. It’s boring for me to retell… especially with our tiny audience (that actually may be expanding?!?!). You don’t understand how amazing it was to see them though and I love that nothing has changed. Oh I saw The Lion King on broadway with the fam… I didn’t enjoy it. However, the first scene had me fighting back tears of joy. Weird, man.

For part of this marvelous reunion, I went back to Queens and saw the streets I used to roam and my old middle school and even Indian town. I wish I had the chance to see the C-town and the laundromat and the BEST PIZZA PLACE IN THE WORLD where I spent a good majority of my childhood again, but I didn’t have the time even though we were only 3 blocks away. It was so surreal because nothing about the old place has changed. Nothing has even aged. How is this possible? I miss it, yes, but would I go back if I had the chance now? I would have definitely taken that offer in a heartbeat if you had asked me a year ago, but now I can’t say that I’d say yes. I’ve grown to like this quiet suburban neighborhood and the boredom that comes with it because when I come home, I really come home to my family, and even if we don’t do much together, it’s nice to be with just family. Everywhere else I go, it’s all about my friends, schoolwork, and all the other crazies in my life, and home has become the way to shut it all out. It’s a big sigh of relief.

I have two days left. I need one to finish packing and another to say goodbye to the home I took for granted for the past 5 years. I guess all I needed was to go back to Queens once to let go, huh? I’m finally ready to say that I am from New Jersey, no further explanation necessary.

I love my friends and always will because I know they’re not going anywhere.

Now I’m finally ready to make new ones. 🙂

A little tidbit about me: I believe that people can change because I’ve been changing all of my life, and thank god I think I’ve finally settled.MyPicture

Goodnight, Su

“I Never Sleep…

August 22, 2009

…Cause sleep is the cousin of death.” – Nas

I am slowly realizing that I fear sleep. I write this post at 4:11am, a minute in an hour that has become all too familiar throughout this summer. I’m watching lightning strike trees outside my window, in completely darkness besides the bolts’ brightness and the dull glow of my laptop screen. I’ve followed this ritual every night for months now, coming home and immediately locking myself up in my room, and then sitting in front of/beneath my comp for hours. It’s really unhealthy and I’ll have to figure out how to break the cycle in college, seeing as I’ll have 8am classes three times a week, and a roommate.

I’m not actually fearing sleep, but more the moments that come right before it. Silence and solitude, where all I can do is think. I tend to think about the crappiest stuff. School, friends I’m loosing touch with, or that I will lose touch with, how I really don’t have a plan for what I’m doing or where I’m going. So I watch “The Simpsons” and facebook and read wikipedia pages until I can see the sunrise, and finally pass out from exhaustion, not giving my brain a second to be alone. Sleep is the time for our bodies to get everything in order. To organize the events of the day, storing important memories and discarding others. To slow down the processes in our body so that they can operate energized the next day. To take the recesses of our subconcious and create dreams, and show us bits of ourselves we didn’t realize were there. This period in my life, this summer after high school and before college, could really be looked at as a period of sleep. It’s been very low energy (and not productive at all, especially mine), and it’s entire goal is to mentally, physically, and emotionally gear up for waking up tomorrow morning to the rest of your life. Your supposed to sift through the experiences and lessons learned from the last 18 years of your life, store the significant ones and discard the destructive ones, rest up, and figure out who you want to be tomorrow morning, and even the day after tomorrow. But here I am, in this summer, not sleeping. This summer physically hasn’t slept, as almost every night has been bludgeoned with thunderstorms; the sky has barely had time to catch a Z or two, how’s it gonna know what to do tomorrow? The craziest part is that I don’t even yawn, it’s like my body doesn’t even remember to be tired, it’s so concerned with trying to stay awake.

It’s about that time of year where a lot of my classmates are waking up. A bunch of them have woken up already, and are attending orientations that are a part of a complete and balanced breakfast (BC has decided to let us sleep in, I’m not heading out until September). Thing is, when my alarm clock goes off, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hit the snooze button. After all, I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

They say lightening never strikes the same place twice, but I’ve watched it tear through the sky in the same spot 13 times while typing this.

Nite!! zzZzZzzzZzz…


Part I:

You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when I see a store. Only it’s better… They didn’t even need any money, they had magic cards.

I am diseased. I was going to write more about my shopping disease, but no, I don’t feel like it anymore. Briteber knows what I’m talking about. Even while I was in boarding school, all I did was shop online. Now I’m home, and it’s even worse. Actually, I’ve been really good recently and limited myself when I have gone shopping because my momma has been footing the bill so there’s guilt bought along with every precious item, but when it comes to my spending my own money, shit’s crazy.

So the reason for this part one of this post? A couple of months ago, my sister and I went shopping for god knows what reason, and when I got to the store, I thought “OH, now that I’m here, I remember that I actually NEED a simple pair of black pumps to go with everything.” That was actually true, but why did I have to go and buy the most expensive pair ever? Well after checking my bank account balance yesterday, it beats the hell out of me. Well, no. I remember I had to buy them at the time because they were actually the most perfect and insanely beautiful pair of black suede Miu Mius ever. {sorry for the terrible, weird yellow lighting}:

MyPictureMyPicture-1Aren’t they beautiful? Look at the hot pink soles. Even the box is perfect. I wouldn’t expect you males to understand… except for maybe Matthew.


So two issues. 1) Even though they are 5 inches tall like some of my other heels, they make me look like I’m 7 feet tall, unlike my other heels. I don’t understand how. Is that creepy? I haven’t worn them out yet. hm.  & 2) I’m so brokeeeeeee. So if you’d like to buy them off of me (ahem Marilyn, they’re exactly your size), I’ll sell it to you for half the real price? heh, just a little try.

Lesson of the day? Never EVER give me money {but please do if you’d like :)}. I’ll just spend it on pretty things… or some useless stuff like food. and no, that wasn’t some anorexic remark or anything. I seriously do spend too much money on going out to eat and stuff when I have more than enough food at home.

Maybe I’ll just keep them and learn my lesson. I was going to sell them on ebay, but I’m scared that someone will actually buy them and take them away from me. Pathetic? yes. whatevawhateva, I do what I want.

Part Two:

I realized that this is my last week where I can depend on my momma. 😦 Then I’m off to college, and a week later I turn 18, and then I really CAN’T buy anything or else I’ll shrivel up and die in my little single and no one will find me for weeks. My mom stopped spending on my older sister when she went off to college, so eep! Now it’s my turn? I always like to think that my mom likes me the best out of my sisters because I never ask for anything unless she offers. I really think it’s true. 🙂

I finished shopping for college yesterday and started packing today. I did not like it. Not one bit. I found all these little post- its I saved from the past two years from boarding school, many of which read “Thanks! Love, Mulp.” Why did I ever save them all? Who knows! But it made me realize that I’m not going back. I really want to go back. 😦 I’m going to be annoying and be a Massimo and go back to M all the time and know everything that’s going on just as if I still went there.

But in reality, I’m going to live in a dorm… with BOYS. WHAT?! I’m going to move in with BOYS next week. nononono! That’s terrible! I want the restrictions and check-in times back. They’re okay!!!! I don’t want to share bathrooms and shower with boys. Who wants that! I especially don’t want to know how awkward it’ll be for me when my parents help me move in with boys scurrying around! NO. Maybe I should join a sorority. No, I take that back. I’d only join one if they were like the sororities in those college movies. It’s also weird to think that I’m going to be living just a floor above the boy that I thought was cute from orientation. Gross. What if I start dating someone in my dorm??? That’s just like a couple living together. I refuse.

On the otherhand, at least I’m ultra prepared for living at college since I’ve already gone through all that pizzaz? I have my tea packets, coffee, hot chocolate, frozen ice pops, instant water heater, brita water filter, fish- shaped ice cube tray (so they look like they’re swimming!) and a little canister of sugar. Man, I even have a chandelier. Hah, I seriously got everything covered. and more. The only thing I haven’t gotten is black electrical tape but Staples doesn’t carry that I guess. :l

I got an email from my house proctor today.. who is like a RA for my floor. He sounded like a camp counselour, boo, and he’s only a year older than I am. He said that we were going to have a Hall meeting the first day we move in. Are college dorms supposed to be that involved? Are we meant to interact and live together like we were in Hway? I seriously thought it would’ve been more of an apartment-like ordeal where we’d only interact if we chose to. What is this dorm meeting nonsense. Do we have to bond? Yes, I’m also thinking about being completely antisocial in college like Matthew. Who needs new friends? I already have all the ones I need. I’m already planning to leave the first weekend of college. I know, I know, that’s probably not a great idea, but I don’t give. I have a million more weekends there.

A little tidbit about me: I always make facial expressions appropriate to what I’m thinking without realizing other people can see my face… always makes for hella awkward interactions.

images-1, Su

One of my favorite things about summer is watermelon.Photo 129And I eat it directly from the bowl.

Photo 130Photo 131Photo 132Photo 133

With my little sister.

Photo 134So go enjoy the last bit of summer with some watermelon in hand and those loved ones by your side! 

Now I’m going to watch The Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D with her.


Call me selfish, idiotic, ignorant, or all of the above, but I used to think that it didn’t matter what I did to conserve energy because I was only one person and what I did would not make any difference, especially since most people around me didn’t care to do a thing either. Well, that’s just the attitude that will help dig our country, our planet, and our dear home deeper into the dark hole we already are in. Don’t worry, I’m not some green freak or anything. All I’m trying to say is do your part. It’s not hard, doesn’t take any effort at all, and will help us all in the long run. So what do you say? Let’s live lighter and make a change.


Look, I’m even in the dark right now! Hehe. Forgive me, it’s upside down.


Here are a few simple things you can do to help A LOT (please :)):

1) If you have AC, turn it up a couple of degrees this summer, and a couple down in the winter. It really doesn’t make that much of a difference! I admire Matthew for not having one at all :)… even though he actually can’t have one.

2) If you take the LONGEST showers like I do (I literally sit down and sleep in the shower. Well, I used to), make it quick! My showers used to be pretty much an hour long (sorry!) and now I take ten, maybe fifteen-minute showers max. That’s big for me, shut up.

3) If you put your computer to sleep (like I used to), TURN IT OFF GODDAMIT!

4) If you leave your appliances plugged in 24/7 (like I used to), unplug please!

5) If you eat frozen foods, stop that! Frozen foods take much more energy to produce than fresh foods. This obviously excludes ice cream. 😉

6) Recycle when you can. I understand going out of your way to find a recycling bin is a hassle at times, I feel ya!

7) Stop eating cow all the time! That’s gross! Poor ugly cows. Fun Fact: Cow burps emit all this shit into the atmosphere, contributing to pollution. Oh, and they burp A LOT. Nastay.

Cow cute

8 ) Stop that bottled water gayness! Buy one of those lovely Brita water filters if you can’t handle tap, and man up and buy one of those water bottle things… I can’t remember the name… those canteen things…you know what I mean.

9) Most importantly, pass the word on. That doesn’t mean you have to be annoying and give a whole lecture on it… like I am doing right now. Just tell a friend!

The best part is, you save money too. I’m sorry babies, I’m not trying to preach here. Just do what you can because it matters, you know?


A little tidbit about me: I used to sit in my sink for a ridiculous amount of time during cold winter mornings before school and keep the hot water running so my feet can warm up. Terrible habit, also kind of embarrassing.


Save our home, please!!


Su 😦

“Yo, Yo, What Up Yo…

August 18, 2009

…Time is runnin out” – Raekwon.

Tra here. I go to school in 2 weeks 15 days. SUCKS. I have 0 excitement about the new exciting experiences of college, all I can think about is how I’m gonna maneuver around to see all my friends that are gonna be in the area (“the area” includes all of Massachusetts, New York City, and DC). Definitely not the best way to be thinking about the next chunk of my life, and I’ll try to fall in love with it once I get there, but I’m just not excited to have to start all over after high school was so much fun with so many fantastic people (especially all you sutra readers). For the first time in my life I’m considering being anti-social rather than going through all the shitty awkwardness of meeting new people. Reader Wyatt points out that “that seems like a surefire way to have a sucky time” which is very true. Maybe I’m just still attached to that school that begins with an M.

In other news, I really liked Su’s list about the shit she likes (what’s fantastic about co-blogging is that I get to be a reader as well as a contributor) so I’m gonna do one too. I don’t have 10 things, or the skills in making it look all pretty an organized, but I’ll try. I’ll also try to make it things I’ve newly discovered I like.

1. GQ Magazine

Wyatt and Rosen put me onto this magazine, and I have to say I’d fallen in love by my second issue. The feature articles, the fashion demands (because they’d never just give a “tip”), and the relentless conceit of this magazine is my exact kind of humor, bordering on making fun of itself while simultaneously being dead serious. And I’ll admit I’m kinda into the whole fashion thing.

2. Nicki Minaj

This female rapper that recently was enlisted into Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew (alongside Jimmy from Degrassi) is one of my new guilty pleasures. Fuck it, she actually doesn’t make me feel guilty at all. She can actually spit. I’d call her a cross between Lil Kim and Remy Ma, she’s (clearly) sexual as holy hell, but also can actually rhyme and has punchlines for days. She also has that new school feminist attitude about sex and sexuality (“I fuck dudes, dudes don’t fuck me”), which is a good look in the ’09. She’s a lot like a female Weezy in rhyme style, check out “Itty Bitty Piggie” (my current wake up theme song) off her latest mixtape “Beam Me Up, Scotty”.

3. Twitter

Okay I don’t really like this yet. But I was forced to join by one of my best friends (, and I’m starting to get the hang of it. It would prob be more entertaining if more of my friends were on it and if I had some sort of smartphone so I could tweet on the go, but alas I’m stuck with my Samsung Shitshow Blast. It is fantastic for stalking celebrity obsessions and even communicating with them at times.

4. My Window Fans

Plain and simple, it’s hot as balls, and my window fan is holding me down right now in a major way.

That’s all I got. I was gonna put pictures but, I’m just not as nice as Su is. LOVE ALL 5 OF YOU THAT ARE READING! I think Su and I are gonna have some more interesting goodies for you guys, maybe a give-away? Comment if you think that’s a good idea. Like faithful reader Brit said:

“[Sutra] is perfect for when you’ve gone to all the sites you go to everyday and you’ve crept on facebook as much as you can and you’ve still got like 7 minutes until you’re supposed to go meet up with your friends.”

That’s all we’ve ever wanted to be for you guys.


Love the video post Matthew! I’m very jealous and will definitely post one like it soon… though I’m not too sure how, eep! Also, I’m very glad you had fun while I was away. I don’t know why, but I imagined you wouldn’t while I was in MA. I don’t know what is wrong with me, or why that thought is/was ever logical because I don’t think that when I’m in NJ. Maybe it’s because MA is where most of the love is. Forgive me, I’m delusional.

Anyhow, I’m not going to post a very detailed thang about my trip. Basically, it was fantastic. That’s all that I need to say. I loved seeing everyone, and I actually saw everyone. I also saw Snoop, Mickey Avalon, Slightly Stoopid, and O.A.R. There was a lot of awkwardness in my two weeks… but there is always a lot of awkwardness in my life. That’s all! Oh, one thing I must say. EMILY YOUR FOREIGN FRIEND IS A BITCH. I DON’T LIKE HOW SHE TREATS YOU. sorry. 🙂 oh but I loveeeee your other girlfriends.

I was also in this shop called X squared (I think) on Newbury st and I saw this:


I got so excited………………………………………………………. but then angry because I can’t read.

Okay, so I’m doing a lot of shopping lately for schoolio and I thought it’d be cool if I made a post about what I like right now… sort of like a top ten list?

10) Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman


So this is my required reading for schoolio. It’s quite a terrible read, but I find it SO informative and very wonderful in that respect. hm. I can’t even explain, just read it if you can!

9) Disney Channel


Matthew’s guilty pleasure is jersey shore girls (que asco!!), so I’m allowed to have one too. Yes, I watch the Disney Channel when I’m bored. It’s the only channel I flip to when I watch TV, which is occasionally. I especially love Hannah Montana.

8 ) Ripped Jeans// Boyfriend Jeans

7) Leather Jacket// Blazer

8irissinger_2065_436979350 Loving these pieces right now. Just got a pair of Current/Elliot bf jeans, and hey, they may not be the most flattering fit for girls, but jesus they’re the most comfortable things ever.


6) The Time Traveler’s Wife


Read it and watch it! I read this book years ago and was in LOVE with it. Then I watched the movie last night with my sisters, and again, amazing! Rachel Adams is really perfect for the role, but she’s pretty much perfect for any role. What an angel. This film isn’t a chick flick either, it’ll keep you male babies attentive. Funny thing is, at the end of the movie, I looked to my left and my right and both of my sisters were literally uncontrollably bawling, which was the completely appropriate thing to be doing. I just have no feelings.

Just kidding!

I admit my eyes were a teensy watery.

5) Megan Fox


What more can I say. The only reason she’s so high up on the list is because I’ve liked her for forever. Yeah, she may seem bitchy and arrogant, but who cares! She deserves to be.

4) Oldies

Some of my favorites include “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers, “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers, and my classic summer favorite “The Boys of Summer” by The Eagles.

3) Ice cream// Greek Yogurt


My recent visit to MA has made me OBSESSED with ice cream. How unhealthy! I hate it! It’s all Samir’s and Caroline’s fault!! I literally have only eaten ice cream a maximum of 3 times this summer before heading up there. I had ice cream everyday in mass. I want to cry.

I am also in LOVE with Greek yogurt. yumyumyumyumyum. I guess it is an acquired taste because no boy will ever want to eat it by choice. I love it with berries, honey and granola. I want some right now! The best part is, it’s like the healthiest thang ever! Ladilalalalala.

If you’re wondering why I grouped these two together, Caroline Lester told me about Greek frozen yogurt, but I didn’t get a chance to try it during my visit. 😦 I will one day.

2) Thigh High Boots


You know, I’ve been debating whether I should get a pair or not for a WHILE now, and I still haven’t decided. I just don’t know if I can pull them off. Nevertheless, I am in loveeeee with thigh highs.

1) Long Hair

1If you don’t this about me already, my hair grows EXTREMELY slowly. Wow. I can’t even explain! I had a freak haircut accident when I was a freshman in high school (hence my fear of haircuts) and I’ve been trying to grow it out ever since. My hair has grown about 6 inches in the past 4 years. Yes, I’ve had a couple of trims but only when ABSOLUTELY necessary (never!) and I never let them cut off more than an inch. I’ve also tried everything to make my hair longer from special shampoos, vitamins, and diets to weird hair products, and hair pills. I refuse to put in hair extensions, so the only thing I can do is wait. One day it’ll get there. Two more years will do probably, actually.

A tidbit about me: I bite my ice cream and I wear 9 rings.

It’ll be fun to look back at these posts in the future and see how my interests have changed and if all these tidbits are still true. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s the title of the first “rock” song I  ever heard. No, that’s false. The first one was “Noises and Kisses” by The Used, but it was the first I fell in love with and that got me into that genre. Wow, that was 7 years ago. I admit that I still love Brand New and The Used, heh.

Adios to those of you already off to college! Best of luck, babies & see you soon!! 🙂

love, su.

The Most Fantastic Day

August 14, 2009

So yesterday (Thursday), I checked Miss Info’s blog (as I do every day) and ended up entering and winning a contest for tickets to the Converse Band Of Ballers Celebrity 3 on 3 Tournament featuring Jim Jones, Asher Roth, DJ A-Trak, Mad Decent, Pac Div, Mad Decent, and Sonic Ninja. The tournament was good, Asher wasn’t the best but his team held it down (Scooter Braun had a mean jump shot), Pac Div repped California ball (the “Pacific Division”) well, and Jim Jones just mopped the floor with everyone. There were a ton of NYC hipster celebs, including Emeka Obi of 10 Deep, Amanda Diva, Peter Rosenburg (who was hosting with Info), and other people who I’m sure were important but I just couldn’t recognize. But I was only looking for one person. Minya.

Menelik (my partner for the day) mistakingly thought this other asian girl was Info, but I knew my wife. In true Info form, she was a bit late, but all was forgiven as soon as she walked in. Rocking a Converse jersey with her name on the back, tied around the waste adorably, some acid wash jeans, and some Converse chucks, Info came in and completely revamped the atmosphere in the gym with her angelic voice, formally confined to Hot 97 and ustream videos in my psyche, but now actually reverberating directly from her voicebox to my eardrums. I awkwardly half-chased her around the gym when she walked in, walking right past Jim and Asher in my persuit (they could wait). I finally caught her at a down moment in between games, and went in for the kill.

Tra + Info!!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She gave me a hug and we chatted for a quick second before we took this pic. She was everything I thought she would be. Sigh.

Afterwards, I sat down and watched a few games. The level of basketball was what you would expect from a bunch of rappers, DJs, and artists, but Jim Jones literally brought out his cousins, unlce, and the dude that works in the bodega he goes to, and they just ran show Harlem style. Asher’s “Roth Boys” got served by Pac Div and as Asher was chilling on stage after the game I approached him with a message to deliver.

Tra and the blonde Bob Sagat

Me: Asher, wattup man I’m a big fan, the album was crazy, but I have a message to deliver to you. A good friend of mine, Sarah Diamond, proclaimed herself the true king of the blumpkins in response to Lark On My Go-Kart, and she says she will go blump for blump with you any day

Asher: Hahahahahahhaa, what’s her name? Sarah Diamond? Sarah Diamond is the King of the Blumpkins. Okay I’ll remember that.

So yea,  he knows now.

All in all it was a truly truly fantastic day.