Su and I woke up Tuesday morning unoccupied, bored, and hot. She had made plans with her sister that hadn’t fallen through because of her forgetful momma, and I had no plans to begin with. Like the good little teenagers we are, we immediately logged into facebook to connect with our 100s of very very close friends. Su posted the concise, insightful status “Someone go to the beach with me right now,” to which I replied, “lets go.” And instantly our day was made.

We met up outside the Path train and drove her moms car (that she kinda stole) to Jenkinson’s Pavillion Boardwalk and Amusement Park. I thought I would find a slew of Jersey Shore girls to hit on (with them being my new guilty pleasure), but unfortunately I only encountered one, working in a pizza stand, that pointed Michelle in the direction of the bathroom.The beach

At the beach, we hit the water immediately and Michelle got completely bodied by a seemingly never ending series of tidal waves. She was flipped over multiple times and thrown back up on the beach like something that washed up from sea. After rolling over and over in the water, she emerged with sand all in her hair and in her bathing suit. Once I could stop laughing long enough to walk, we went back up to the boardwalk (after marveling at one of the most amazing FUPAs we’d ever seen) and headed for the rides.

We got on all the rides that weren’t kiddy, even though they kinda all were, and I was thoroughly amused while Michelle was generally unimpressed. A 4 year old girl struck up a conversation with me in line for the Moby Dick Swing. She offered me, but not Michelle a cut in line and spoke about how she had been on the Moby Dick Swing “infinity times” and how it was “so fun”, shutting down Michelle’s “this ride probably sucks” comment. It seemed like she was hitting on me, but she just wasn’t my type. I wanted a Jersey Shore girl. Michelle was determined to make one particularly lame ride called “Twister” into the “Tea Cups” ride in Disneyland, so she forced both of us to pull at a wheel in the center of our seats until our arms were sore (or at least mine were).

Our day ended with a long drive home, during which Michelle stopped at a gas station and bought $5 worth of gas, sure that that would be enough to at least fill a third of the tank back up. It was the first time she had ever purchased gas.

It was the most exciting day.

 – Tra (with little Su edits)


Christmas Time Is Here

July 28, 2009

First of all, Su I hope your town recovers from Hurricane Laquesha (as I’ve named her), and remember, click your heels twice and say “There’s no place like New Jersey” to get back home.

The title of this post makes no sense, besides the fact that I’m currently listening to “Christmas Time Is Here” from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” one of my favorite holiday specials. I tried in vain for the past 4 years to see it on TV while away at school, and this last year had to create the compromise of showing the VHS in my dorm and inviting my sister dorm to watch it with me and my Forbes bros (Forbes + Robbins = ❤ (no homo)).

I’ve always loved “Christmas Time Is Here” because it sounded exactly like Christmas should feel like: soft snow flakes, hot chocolate, red, egg nog, and children so overwrought with  happiness that they can’t help but burst into song. As I’ve gotten older, Christmas has started to suck a whole lot more, because so much of that magic has been lost (I give a ton of credit to my alma matter for going to great lengths to keep the spirit alive in its students). And when I sort of take a step back and look, tons of things have lost their magic. Holidays, traditions, movies, even college,(which was the most amazingly awesome thing on earth to my “A Different World” and  “Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The College Years” -drenched brain) have all lost their luster in my eyes, and it seems like everyone else feels the same way. I look at my neice and hope that she can find the same bewilderment in an untouched corner of her house or a Sock’em Boppers commercial that I did when I was her age.

So to sum it up, I’m 18 and being emo cuz I’m not 8 anymore. Good shit.

And in case you’re wondering why I did a post about Christmas in the middle of the summer, thoughts of December are very comforting when you’re sitting in a room that’s literally a bagillion degrees. Celcius.


Matthew, Enchanted sucks. It’s the only movie (besides College) that I can remember myself cringing for the whole duration of, wishing it would DIE. However, I must agree that that scene was the most/only memorable/enjoyable one.

Earlier today, I was chatting up a storm with our most loyal reader, Wyatt D. Cmar as well as Britton O. Eberts. During these lovely chats, there was a craycray thunderstorm going on outside. Usually, I love Tstorms, but this one scared me. It sounded like garbage trucks were dropping from the sky every few seconds. I told my lovely friends about how I was frightened and they went on to call me names such as “pussssssy.” It was also raining sheets. I don’t care if that doesn’t make any sense, that’s just how it was. Along with a severe thunderstorm watch, there was a tornado warning for my town. I told this tidbit of information to Wyatt and he said that it was nothing, so I believed him even though he lives 5 hours away. The storm only lasted about 15 or 20 minutes and the birds came back out and started chirping.

After the storm, my friend Lauren immediately texted me asking if I had also gotten “hit.” I had no idea what she meant, so she went on to tell me that hills drive was destroyed and that the tornado went past her house and ruined the pool. I didn’t believe it because everything seemed fine out my window. Sure, it looked foggy and there were leaves all over the ground, but nothing was destroyed at first glance. Then I realized that I lived on top of the hill, whereas all those places she described were at the bottom.

My sister and I decided to go for a drive. As we were driving down the hill, our surroundings got progressively worse:

IMG_0342         Tree struck by lightning outside of my house.

More severe damage:

The willow tree that I used to play around with my  childhood best friend is now gone 😦

When we got back, 3 of my little cute boy neighbors came up to us and told us about all the crazy they have seen. They pointed out that a bunch of the trees in our backyard (which is just downward slope of trees and streams (what I like to call my mountain)) were knocked down and that they saw 3 funnel clouds around our houses. I had no idea what funnel clouds were, but apparently they are the formation of tornadoes before they touch base.

Right before the storm, I was about to head to the gym. Five trees fell right in front of the gym. Hmm, lucked out.

The lightning/thunderstorm is starting up again right now. The sheets are coming. Round 2?

˚_˚ Su


July 26, 2009

Or lack thereof.

So as Su mentioned, she and I are recent high school graduates, heading to college in the fall. This means that we are going to orientations, filling out housing surveys (unless you missed the deadline, like me, or didn’t get assigned housing, like her), and being expected to figure out what we are gonna do for the next 40 years of our lives in the next 4 years of our lives. We are headed to large old (and ridiculously expensive) institutions in big cities that promise to teach us everything we will ever need to know to be successful, offering exhilarating classes like “Freshman Writing Seminar” and “Issues in Jewish Ethics”. Once we graduate, we will set out on the last 6 years of the 10 year plans that we have presumably drafted, ending in a comfy suburb with a newborn baby or a bustling metropolis with a newly purchased loft or something like that. I hope.

I called this post “Productivity” because it seems to me like this summer, the summer before my life begins, should be extremely productive. Yet I am unemployed, extremely well rested, and making plans to have a little bit too much next weekend. And this has been my state for pretty much this entire summer, in various locations on the planet. I don’t even have my learner’s permit yet, real talk. This isn’t to say that I’ve been a bum (earlier this summer I walked from SoHo to Times Square dropping off applications and resumes at every retail store along the way), but put plainly, shit just did not work out the way I had hoped it would this Summer. Yet somehow I’ve been having a blast, and would without doubt call this one of the best summers I’ve ever had.

So last summer I wrote college essays, interned at Citigroup, and wanted to kill myself every 5 minutes, and this summer I’ve been completely self indulgent and unproductive and I can’t remember being happier. I think that says something very alarming about my future, as I’m probably gonna be expected to live more like last summer than this summer for the rest of my life. SUCKSFORME!

Su has been better than I have been about putting images and crap in her posts, so I’m gonna follow suit and try to stick something here (that’s what she said).

This is the best scene from one of the most slept on movies ever, “Enchanted”. I’m downloading it illegally right now and plan to watch it while eating chocolate chip ice cream. Seems productive enough for me.

Matthew, I’ve always wanted one of those illegal tiny turtles… but instead I got something similar to it. I used to own two tinytiny frogs. One of them got crushed by a really light and transparent pink rock and its guts started floating around the small tank. It was my sister’s fault. The other one my momma killed… I forgot how. They really smelled and I was always scared to play with them because they jump a lot. I’ve had many animals, but I didn’t like most of them and a lot of them died nasty weird deaths, none of which were my fault. Now I have a cat. Her name is Salt. We don’t interact much.


Samir visited me yesterday. We drove more than an hour to go surprise Niya at her new job at Cheeseburger in Paradise, but we kept getting lost and we finally arrived at a Burger King because my gps said it was the ending location. We thought she might have lied and tried to make Burger King sound fancy. However, we finally arrived at CIP a while later, only to find out she was NOT even working though she was supposed to. Fail. So we made her come and eat with us at her workplace. After, we passed a Sonic and it has always been my dream to go there. Too bad we didn’t go though. It was beautiful. We went to Samir’s that night and watched the movie College. It was terrible. I fell asleep and had a very long detailed dream, but I loved it even though I was ansty/nervous/scared for most of it. In the morning Niya NEEDED to have pancakes so we drove an hour to find this IHOP place, but we got lost. We stopped to get gas and right across the street was a diner with the ad THE WORLD’S BEST PANCAKES, so I mean, we had to go. We didn’t really eat any pancakes. Then I got dropped off at home, went to Trump International Golf Club to pick up my tennis racquet and I saw Mr. Trump yet again. He’s always funny looking when I see him and it makes me smile.

Speaking of college (a while back), I finally got my rooming assignment from GW after they forgot to give me one. They placed me in a single in a dorm filled with 350 singles on the very corner of campus where supposedly people get attacked. Wonderful. Loves it. Cannot wait. No one seems to like this dorm and I have to share a bathroom with at least 20 other people on my floor. One of the “perks” however, is that it is 3 blocks away from the White House. Wooo.. how thrilling. :∫ There is also a 7/11, subway, and other food places ATTACHED to my dorm. Since GW seemingly wants me to become an antisocial-loving obese loner, maybe I won’t get attacked afterall. 🙂 At least I get my privacy, huh?

Samir is at an Indian wedding tonight and he texted me and said he was forced to dance and it was awkward.

Right at that moment, this came on TV:


A little Indian boy awkwardly dancing. Hehe I love it.

😉 Su


July 24, 2009

Iris was my turtle. I had her for 4 years. She was my first and only pet. When I was in the 5th grade, she was in my science classroom, taken care of by my teacher Ms. Rich (who everyone else in the class hated, but I loved because she knew I was the smartest one.) I always admired Iris (back then she had the title “Grandma” before her first name), and on the last day of school Ms. Rich asked me if I’d like to keep her. I was ecstatic and said yes without a seconds hesitation (or permission from my mother).

I took Iris home and was so excited. She was a full grown Red Earred Slider, about 10 inches long and 8 inches wide, and she was beautiful. I would sit and watch her for hours, take her out of her tank and let her run around my room, and put her in the bathtub so she could have more room to swim around. She was one of my best friends, but her time on this earth was limited.

I lent her to my cousins to turtle-sit while I was moving/going to school, and they cleaned the tank with soap and didn’t rinse it out well. Iris got blood poisoning and was terribly sick. I got home 2 days later, and she died when I brought her back to my house. My mother and I buried her in our backyard.

R.I.P Iris


The most exciting day

July 23, 2009

A few weeks ago, I brought my girlfriends into the city for the night because the lovely Matthew invited me out. It was a good time, but jesus girls are a hassle. Some don’t know how to let loose and some are just in denial of how loose they can get. The night ended early, unfortunately, and the girls wanted to get home right away. We met some crazies while waiting for the PATH and somehow they ended up in our car because their car got stolen. Hm, when I say crazies, I imagine creepy looking thangs, but they were just two normal looking guys who needed a ride home. Well, we soon found out that they were also loud and obnoxious, and I wasn’t going to take any of it, so I made them be my mattress in the back seat so I can sleep on the way home. What should have been a half an hour drive home took 4 hours because they were idiots and made us drive around the town for ages… whilst I was sleeping on my mattress. Oops! Well I got home at 7am but had to pack and shower for my 11am flight to Kiawah that day.

Anywhoooo, it was all still fun. I love seeing friends from schoolio… and dancing. 🙂 




[I thought it’d be appropriate to start off this thang with a su/trammell gathering.]